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Let the experienced Greenbuild SA team of experts in the areas of architecture, management and construction bring you the insight and advice you need for your project. Greenbuild SA can provide a turnkey solution or take on a specific element of your project.

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Rent the equipment needed to use the Worlds Best Alternative Building System while gaining access to the full back up service, on site checks, equipment experts and maintenance the Greenbuild SA team provides.

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Purchase the state of the art building system to lower your construction costs and speed up your construction time . Receive on site training for all the aspects of the building system to ensure your team acquires all the knowledge necessary to excel.

Lower your construction costs

Speed up construction time

Build high quality structures

Lower your environmental footprint

Greenbuild Building System

The Greenbuild Building System has been approved by both the NHBRC, Human Settlements and is Agrement Certified for the construction of single, double storey buildings as well as multi-storey structures up to 125m.

The complete 4 in 1 building system incorporates specially designed ICE branded lightweight formwork, motorized foam concrete mixer, powerful fine aggregate concrete pump/boom combination and a projection plaster machine working in synchronicity.

The Greenbuild Building System is already changing the way buildings are constructed, by providing solid walls that are easy to erect, strong, durable, energy efficient and cost effective. The resultant savings in time and money will greatly assist in catching up the serious backlog of housing, schools, clinics etc in South Africa.


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Greenbuild SA guarantees its Agrement Certified building system for the construction of single, double storey & multi-storey buildings.


The many advantages of using Greenbuild Foam Concrete:

  • Fire Resistance - 4 Hour Rating (Non-Combustable)
  • Water Resistant - Greenbuild Foam Concrete is classed as Impermeable
  • Insulation - Excellent Thermal Values
  • Sound Proof - Sound Reduction is far better than Standard Brick Walls
  • Lightweight - Foam Concrete has a Mass 50% of Normal Concrete
  • No Onsite Waste - Leftover Concrete Moulded into Lightweight Bricks
  • Can be Sawn, Cut, Drilled - Without Damaging the Structure
  • No Crane or Ready Mix - No Cranes or Ready Mix Trucks are Needed


Through the use of the Greenbuild Building System, Greenbuild SA strives to create social upliftment & economic empowerment throughout South Africa. We do this by constructing high quality homes and creating jobs through high skilled training.



south africa & beyond

We believe in making an impact in South Africa, Africa & on an International Scale

Social Upliftment

Through the utilization of local labour by upskilling programs during the construction process, Greenbuild SA is able to make an impact on local workforces.

Vision for the Future

Greenbuild SA sees the future for a thriving housing market in South Africa and Africa. We will assist in getting it there in the most efficient manner possible.

Economic Empowerment

Greenbuild SA builds sustainable communities that will last the test of time, making economic sense in the short and long term at multiple levels.


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